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In 2014, one country in two continues to practice torture. And not only authoritarian regimes, some democratic States are also affected.

Every day, thousands of men, women and even children are left at the mercy of their all-powerful torturers, who so often go unpunished. Every day, torturers and those who control them try to silence political opponents, trade unionists, journalists and lawyers. Every day, they terrorise members of ethnic, religious and sexual minority groups. They extract confessions from common law prisoners through violence. And they send those who are not beaten, electrocuted or suffocated to death to suffer in detention.

The 2014 edition of A World of Torture follows on from those published by ACAT in the last three years. Our ambition remains unchanged: to reflect the reality of torture practices in 19 additional countries, while also shedding light on the historical, political, psychological and cultural features of this phenomenon. This year’s report includes a preface by Serge Portelli, original contributions by Claire Ly, Édouard Delaplace and Christaine Vollaire, as well as the poignant testimony of a Honduran migrant who was tortured in Mexico.

This report, which serves both as a bibliographical resource and an advocacy tool, is the fourth volume in our encyclopaedia of the torture phenomenon.

Countries covered in the reports

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Focus “I started to wish they would kill me so that I would no longer feel fear”
"I know they did the same to the others because I could hear them more or less clearly, screaming in pain and begging the officers not to hurt them anymore. Then everything would go quiet and the (...)